A Mediator’s Take on COVID-19: Part II

The Insurance Law Section of the Texas Bar Published my article, “A Mediator’s Take on COVID-19: Part II.” In this follow-up article I summarize recent decisions from around the country dealing with insureds’ attempts to recover lost profits from their property insurers. Insurers have generally convinced courts that policyholders have failed to demonstrate that COVID-19 caused “direct physical loss or damage” to the insured premises. While insurers are celebrating the early returns they have not been unanimous. Moreover, these decisions have turned on the specific pleadings and governing case law, which varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Hundreds of cases are pending and new decisions are being issued almost every day. Catch up on the latest by reading more here: https://www.insurancelawsection.org/a-mediators-take-on-covid-19-part-ii