EPISODE 6: Play Ball — Lessons from MLB Negotiations in the Time of COVID-19

Even when trying to lighten the mood and talking about baseball COVID-19 tries to ruin the fun. Steve discusses the recent negotiations between MLB and the player’s union with sportswriter, Jim Margolis. Jim outlines the points of contention between the two sides while Steve discusses how mediators attempt to create a win-win scenario and foster an environment where the parties fully consider the other side’s point of view. Steve and Jim discuss the impact behavioral economics has had on the management of baseball teams and whether owners are aware of some of the biases that lead to faulty decision making. Steve discusses how those biases also impact legal negotiations. Recognizing that humans are particularly bad at predicting the future, Steve asks Jim to do just that. Tune in to hear more about negotiation tactics, our national pastime and whether COVID will allow us to really hear “play ball” in 2020. You can listen to the podcast here.