In Texas, the ethical guidelines for mediators encourages us to adjust our rates when appropriate and also to take pro bono cases. Immediately upon being admitted into the Texas bar I offered my services pro bono through the Austin Dispute Resolution Center (DRC). I have also provided pro bono mediation services through the Central Texas DRC as well as the Austin Bar Association’s Courthouse Mediation Project. It was a win-win: I could continue to refine my craft and help out the community. All of this is a long-winded way of saying I do not have a one size fits all rate structure. I readily admit that I will quote a higher rate for complex litigation matters with millions on the line than I will for relatively smaller matters. Regardless, I believe my rates for all matters are competitive and commensurate with my experience and the Austin and Chicago markets. 

If you believe that I can assist you in a mediation, please contact me. I will ask some basic questions concerning the nature of the dispute, the status of litigation, if any, the number of parties involved and the amount at issue, if any. After processing this background information I will provide you with my proposed rates, which need to be approved by all parties prior to mediation and paid prior to the actual session. Quotes are typically for half-day sessions (4 hours) or full-day session (8 hours) with each side paying an equal share of my fee. Let’s talk about your matter, discuss the best format for your mediation and agree on a competitive and reasonable rate for my services.