EPISODE 10: Judicial Prerogative: Wearing a Robe in the Time of COVID

Steve talks with the Honorable Bryan Chapman, 18th Judicial Circuit Dupage County, Illinois. Judge Chapman is one of the few judges nationally who has rendered a decision in an insurance coverage case for COVID-19 business losses and he discusses the urgency, significance and his approach for overseeing such a nationally prominent case.

Judge Chapman discusses why he finds being a judge a fascinating and rewarding job and what he misses from his private practice days. Judge Chapman provides insights concerning his judicial philosophy and the judiciary’s role in establishing the rule of law. In addition to providing his barbeque preferences and reminiscing about his 6th grade spelling bee, Judge Chapman discusses his circuit’s response to the challenges presented by COVID-19 and the efforts being made to move cases along.

Judge Chapman stresses the importance of making sure people leave court with a confidence in the system and the difficulties administering justice via Zoom. The two discuss settlement and Judge Chapman chimes in on Steve’s techniques to assist parties in evaluating litigation risks. This is a must listen for Illinois practitioners and anyone interested in the intersection of litigation and mediation during the COVID era.